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My Choice

I started by visiting the website of a reputable agency to choose the companion to book. I had always visited this website to admire the photos of these models. However, I didnít have money to pay for their services. Therefore, I already had the model that I wanted to have quality time with in mind.

I contacted the agency to find out if she was available to come over to my place. Luckily, she promised to be at my place within an hour. I also asked her to bring things like ball gags, cuffs, blindfolds, spanking toys, whips, paddles, floggers, nipple clamps and restraints. To prepare for the appointment, I went to take a shower. I heard a knock when stepping out of the shower so I went to check who it was with a towel round my waist. To my surprise, it was the model I had booked. 

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